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USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set – LED Front and Back Lights – Superbright 600 Lumens – High Capacity Rechargeable Li-ion Battery – Cross Light – Waterproof, Fits All Bikes – Cycling Safety


The VibikerTwin 600S bicycle light set is made to make your cycling rides sufficiently bright and more secure. Utilizing this LED bike light, you light your way, as well as make yourself (and your bicycle) more recognisable to others out and about. The side openings on this LED rechargeable bike light are illuminated in yellow, attracting thoughtfulness regarding your bicycle.

The uncommon highlights of the Twin 600S bicycle fog light are the novel optical innovation of light beam dissemination, high 600 lumens control, high-limit batteries and a tough, trendy body with aluminium components.

The Vibiker bicycle rider front night light has close and far lights, as well as Cross Light innovation. This capacity gives you a chance to switch between the even and vertical view mode relying upon the street width. The level mode is for wide streets, while the vertical is for limit ones.

Backdrop illumination. The USB bicycle light can enlighten as wide as 220 degrees. The best lights from Vibiker have a glimmer recurrence near the human breathing rate 30/min, which is agreeable for the view of others out and about.

Capable batteries (3000 mAh and 180 mAh) bolster up to 400 energises and let the LED bicycle lights work up to 6 hours (in single view mode) and up to 3 hours (in twin light mode). The link in the pack influences the charging to process amazingly straightforward and advantageous. A notice work enacts when the battery charge is 25%, so you won’t abruptly confront the issue of a dead battery.

The dependable mounting of the rechargeable bicycle light is exceptionally essential. Indeed, even a tyke can deal with it. The USB front bike light fits any bike. You can append the bicycle tail light and front fog light at any level.

Size of the front light: 3.7×2.2×1.9 inches.

Size of the backdrop illumination: 2.8×1.5×1.8 inches.

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  • ✅ IMPROVE YOUR SAFETY. With the assistance of the rechargeable front bicycle light and the tail bike light, you can illuminate your direction when cycling, as well as you can make yourself more discernible out and about.
  • ✅ RELIABLE CONSTRUCTION. The plan of the Vibiker front bicycle light incorporates aluminium components. An incredible look, regular quality, straightforwardness and solace of mounting – every one of these things make our bike lights the best answer for a bicycle (for kids, men, and ladies). The nature of the gear is guaranteed by a maker ensure.
  • ✅ UNIQUE TECHNOLOGIES ARE USED. The bicycle light set uses an optical innovation of light cluster spreading, which provides the best apportion bend between glowing force and vitality utilisation. Four light modes in the front cycle light: close and far light.
  • ✅ HIGH CAPACITY RECHARGEABLE LI-ION BATTERY. The rechargeable bicycle light set has capable batteries – 3000 mAh (for the front light) and 180 mAh (for the tail light). The front bike light works in single mode for 6 hrs and twin flash mode for 3 hrs. The tail bicycle light labour for 3,5 hours in a consistent way and 6,5 hours in streak mode.
  • ✅ THE FULLEST SET OF BIKE LIGHTS. The Vibiker bicycle light set incorporates front bike light with high 600 lumens power and tail light. The two lights are IPX-4 waterproof, which makes their utilisation and care simpler.