• [Low Power Consumption with Great Brightness] – Huge quality LED chips, 12w for every unit, 1200lumen.
  • [Heat Dissipation and Long Life Span] – Conductive aluminium lodging rapidly coordinates warmth far from driven segments and discharge it through various vast blades of the warmth sink. Each blade is made with edges to build its surface region for more active heat exchange additionally. Customizable heat sink modules even let you edge the warmth for different applications. Careful heat dissemination configuration makes reliably cold working temperature for the LEDs and 50,000+ hours life expectancy.
  • [Stability and Safety with Strong Housing Material] – Dustproof, Shakeproof and Waterproof.If you toss it in the water by accident, One Silicone String installs amongst focal point and lodging, 360 degrees ensure the knobs when it in the water!
  • [Safe Focus and Stylish design] – Round outline, concentrate all the more light straight in front of your vehicle and keep the glare far from approaching movement; great match your bike, trucks, SUV, and Jeeps.
  • [Universal Application] – It is utilised on any vehicles, auto, ATV, SUV, UTE, mining, vessel, Jeep, rough terrain, trailer, motorcycle, bicycle, excavators, truck, tractor and other overwhelming types of gear


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